So yeah, this here's my brother. My little bitty baby brother. I was 18 years old when he was born and that's a big age difference. But it's never made me feel less of his sister, less proud, or less anything. This kid has always impressed me. Always a good, loyal friend. Never an ill word about anyone. Just a good all-around person. He's wicked smart too. And so, when he said he was graduating college and would soon be heading to the big city to start an internship, I jumped at the chance to get some portraits of him. He humored me and squeezed me into his very busy schedule. We ended up driving all the way out to Jalama Beach on what was one of the rarest days there. No wind. No fog. Warm. Full sun, kinda this photographer's worst nightmare, full sun and no shade at all. But I was determined to make it work and work it did, right in our favor. Of course, it does help that the subject is a pretty darned good looking guy, though I am rather partial.