I adore women business owners, so when my incredibly stylish hairdresser, Sandra, approached me to do the branding session for her salon, I didn't hesitate. The women of The Creative are incredibly talented, stunning, and effortlessly cool. Capturing their essence was an absolute delight. And let me say that none of them wanted to have their photos taken, but honestly, most of the time, none of us do, myself included. We've all experienced those dreadful moments when an unflattering photo resurfaces on social media, haunting our thoughts and infiltrating our dreams, haven't we? Is that just me? Anyway, once the session began and they grew comfortable with me, capturing a less-than-stunning photo of any of them became impossible. Every one of them is absolutely stunning, both in their inner qualities and outward appearance. These photos simply capture the true nature of their radiant energy. I felt incredibly privileged to have played a small role in The Creative, discovering creative ways to capture each individual's distinct personality and exquisite beauty. 

Location: The Creative; Pismo Beach, Ca