I have this obsession with bees and nothing would make me happier than sitting in a patch of flowers, stalking, er uh, photographing bees. I don't remember being fond of bees as a child, in fact, I'm pretty certain I was terrified of them, as I was with just about anything that could possibly inflict any sort of possible pain. I'm sure I was stung, just as I'm sure I milked that "hurt" to grab any extra attention I think I needed at the time. I can see my older brother nodding his head right now in agreement. Back then I never took the time to understand the bees, what they were doing, and why, just that they stung and it hurt. So I stayed away.

As I grew older, I found myself watching them and more recently through the lens of my camera. There is just something so fascinating about bees and the work they do. Sometimes I'll catch bees with pollen like ankle weights at the bottom of their legs, other times it's plastered all over their face as if they just enjoyed the best meal of their short, little life. I don't see a lot of conflict between the bees, they all do their work and move on to the next flower moving out of the way of the others. They just let me sit there, snapping away. If I get a little too close, they let me know and I back off, and they quickly move on. It's a fascinating understand we seem to have.