I can't help but have a special affinity for my seniors. They are all like little brothers and sisters to me. Though, let's face it, I'm old enough to be their mom. But there is just something about this age that makes me feel young again. Jackson was no exception. He showed up with his own style, no new clothes, no fresh haircut, and to be perfectly honest, I really admired that. Jackson was a little nervous at first but because he wasn't worried about some scratchy clothes he'd never worn before, he was comfortable in however I posed him. I worked hard to show his goofy, silly self because these photos are to remind not only him of this time in his life but even his parents. Jackson, I had a ball photographing you and getting to know more about you. My favorite part was running over to the park before sunset to capture your skateboarding skills. Congrats Jackson!

Location: The Mission Club