With the senior sessions behind me, it was time to return to all the other special moments I get to photograph. Like this very beautiful family. Meeting new people is often a little unnerving for an introvert like me, but I have to say that every new person I've met has been a joy to work with, and this family is no exception. I find so much joy in trying to bring everyone's unique personalities together to showcase the unique connection families have. And then there's the extra bonus of capturing the parents' new engagement. I think what I'll remember most from this session is this 3-year-old who reminded me of my little brothers and the energy that is just oozing from them. Oh, to capture that in a jar and sell it to us tired adults. Anywho, I thought he'd wear down since I usually make everyone trek all over the mission... Nope, he was still full of energy even at the end and wanted to see those animals again. His sisters were able to keep him pretty still while I got some great pictures though. What a good-looking family. Lacey and John, congratulations on your engagement and the wonderful family you're building together.

Location: La Purisima Mission, Lompoc