Let's be honest, how many people really like having their photo taken by a stranger? I mean really? I know, teenagers are always taking selfies or their friends are taking photos of them and it seems like they are great at it. But in reality, I'm not sure I've ever had a client completely and 100% ready to go at the start of a session with me. Everyone has a little nerves. First, you've never met me and I get it. Something to keep in mind, I've never met most of my clients previous to the session, and even the ones I do know, I'm still nervous. So when I heard that Avery didn't like having her photo taken, I was up for the challenge. Not to say I wasn't a bit nervous before... but once I met her and saw her great smile, I knew I could find a way to connect with her. She did absolutely wonderful. I had a great time getting to know her, asking her about her wrestling, 'cause let's face it a female wrestler is super cool. And that's really the best part of the session, making connections with people and allowing them to be themselves and having a good time! It's successful to me if we all walk away and think, "That was fun." Then you look back at those photos and remember that. Congrats Avery!

Location: La Purisima Mission