I always feel like we are a season off here on the Central Coast. Spring can be, unpredictable. Overcast, fog, sun, wind, cold... and on some rare occasions, we get rain. This day was no exception. The forecast was sunny but I wasn't prepared for the wind. Don't get me wrong, a little light breeze is nice but this was not a light breeze, this was more like hurricane winds. Nevertheless, this family still nailed it and was an absolute delight to photograph. Sure, we did have to stop and wait for the ridiculous gust of wind to stop before we could proceed, fix the hair on multiple occasions, or find a cute little sheltered corner to pose, but in the end, I was not only incredibly happy with the result, I had a wonderful time getting to know and spend time with this adorable family.

Location: Santa Ynez Botanical Garden, Buellton