When I got to photograph twin seniors in Los Alamos, I knew I was in for a unique experience. These twins were as different as night and day, and capturing their individual spirits was a challenge I was more than ready to take on. One twin was outgoing and always ready to pose, while the other was reserved and introspective. Can you tell which is which? The session was a delightful mix of laughter and occasional sibling rivalry, but in the end, we managed to capture the essence of each twin in a series of stunning photographs. From dramatic solo shots to heartwarming sibling portraits, the result was a beautiful testament to their unique bond and individuality. As I edited the final images, I couldn't help but marvel at the magic of twins and the beauty of capturing their completely opposite personalities in a single frame. It reminded me that true artistry lies in celebrating individuality. It was a session I won't forget.

Location: Los Alamos, California