Ok, so this one stings... just a little bit. As I'm getting older, these young people in my life are getting older too. Imagine that! But seriously, I've known Zach since he was a tween, and no matter what happens with marriages, he'll always be my nephew. To watch this guy grow into the responsible, hardworking, thoughtful, and loving man he is today is absolutely awesome. Zach is the kind of person who makes you proud to say, "I knew him when..." As you can see from these images, he adores his wife, and Emely loves him right back. I love it all!

I was over the moon to photograph their maternity session, capturing the joy and anticipation of this new chapter in their lives. There’s something magical about seeing two people who genuinely admire and respect each other start a family. It’s like watching the best kind of love story unfold in real time. From the first shot to the last, the session was a blend of laughter and tender moments. Zach and Emely have a connection that’s palpable. They radiate happiness, and it’s contagious.

So here’s to Zach, the nephew who’s grown up right before my eyes, and to Emely, who complements him perfectly. Watching you two navigate life together is a privilege and a joy. I can't wait to meet the little one who’s already so loved. Congratulations, Zach and Emely! Your journey is just beginning, and I’m so excited to see where it takes you. Here’s to many more beautiful memories, captured in both photos and in life.