Ashley exuded a captivating aura reminiscent of a bygone era during her session. Her stunning red hair evoked thoughts of Florence Welch with a bit of Stevie Nicks mixed in for that 70's throwback. I love 70's music, so it was no surprise that we instantly connected over our shared admiration for the sound. The vintage charm of Babcock's tasting room seamlessly matched Ashley's photo session. The swanky seating, classic records, and vibrant colors perfectly captured Ashley's essence. And then, as we transitioned to the second half at La Purisima Mission, she required very little guidance from me. Her knowledge of angles and lighting was evident while I focused on the speed of my shutter finger to capture her. Ashley, congratulations on being my kindred music spirit senior this year!

Location: Babcock Winery/La Purisima Mission, Lompoc