This senior year was not the year of the boy; I had so many girl clients, but when I did have a guy client, the change of pace was nice. Girl posing is much different than guy posing. But sometimes, you have to joke with the guys and make them think I'm going to make them do a girl pose on them. I like the reaction; it usually helps them relax a bit. But Spencer would not give me a good laugh. He smiled great; he'd just had his braces removed the day before and was ready to show off those pearly whites. But I couldn't get even a chuckle. Not a gafaw, a snicker, nothing. But I won't complain because his session was still great, and it was cool to walk the golf course with him and his mom, making sure to get a great variation of backdrops and poses. Congratulations Spencer!

Location: The Mission Club, Lompoc, California