I am always thrilled to photograph the sheer beauty of Hidden Canyon Ranch & Farm through my lens. No matter the season, it always impresses. We were fortunate to have the freedom to roam the property. Directing Brooklynn was a breeze - she practically directed herself! One of the things I adore about working with senior girls is their uncanny ability to work the camera effortlessly, find their best angles, and exude the exact look they desire. It's a photographer's dream come true! My current nugget of wisdom is to embrace the joyous side of life...chuckle, laugh, unleash your inner goofball, go all out; trust me, your photos will be infinitely more captivating when you let go of the reins of control. Brooklynn crushed it! The camera couldn't help but bask in the radiance of her infectious smile and sparkling eyes. Congratulations, Brooklynn!

Location: Hidden Canyon Ranch & Farm