I know what you're thinking. "Erin, why do you have a blog?" And sure, I asked myself the same question. I mean, who am I to have a blog? Well, that's the thing about blogs, you don't have to be anyone. You just have to write. You can write absolute nonsense or sense, does that make sense? It doesn't matter. And I do like to write, I always have but I've always stumbled over where to put that period, tripped over too many commas, and that darn semicolon, where the heck does that belong? I also enjoy a good ellipsis...way too many ellipses... whoops, there I go. But this blog is forcing me to be a little more organized, but not too much. I want my writing to sound like me and most of all, be entertaining. For the most part, I'll be sharing my latest photo sessions but I'll stick a few personal ramblings in as well. I hope you enjoy it.