Fear is a genuine emotion that can have a powerful impact. Fear has a way of holding us back from accomplishing remarkable feats. Taking photos in bright sunlight has always been a challenge for me. Reece's session had me concerned about those pesky clouds and the potential lack of light, so we decided to schedule it earlier than our usual time. And wouldn't you know it, no clouds in sight, just a blinding, intimidating sun. Although there were some shady spots available, I knew that Reece wanted a backdrop of rustic, tall, brown grass for her photos. So, despite my anxiety, I decided to face my fear and make it happen. And I must say, the pictures are absolutely flawless. Reece is undeniably stunning (although she may not fully realize it), and her charming and endearing personality radiates effortlessly. We had a blast exploring the grounds of Babcock and discovering all the unique spots that define Reece's personality. Reece, you're perfect just the way you are! Congratulations Reece!

Location: Babcock Winery