I know, I always comment on the weather, but honestly, that's a huge part of photography. What kind of light, how much light, how much time do I have with the light, and if the friggin' wind is going to be a problem. Surf Beach can be a bit stubborn at times, but I've discovered that embracing the unpredictable nature of this place often leads to capturing some truly enchanting images. According to the forecast, there were some clouds on the horizon. Naturally, I decided to gather the family pretty early at the beach to make the most of the available light. The sun made a brief appearance, but it knew better than to shine too brightly. The sky remained filled with moody clouds, creating a captivatingly artistic backdrop. Working with this family was an absolute blast! And let me tell you, that adorable little baby with their mischievous smile? It totally made my day!

Location: Surf Beach/Ocean Park, Lompoc