I haven't been sick in years. Like, sick as a dog sick. This year, I got sick with the cruddy flu that's been going around. I spent days on the couch, unable to move, binging Netflix. The worst part of it is having to reschedule photo sessions, I hate doing that. But because the senior deadline was fast approaching, I knew I couldn't reschedule Samantha's. So I pulled up my big girl pants and when I got to the session, suddenly, I had the energy that I hadn't had in a week. Of course, it ALWAYS helps to have a really wonderful and gorgeous subject. Samantha was a dream to photograph and the fall colors we've been having in the area just made her pop. I had a great time getting to know her, finding little nooks and crannies that would just make her true beauty shine. Congrats Samantha!

Location: Miguelito Park, Lompoc